The Art and Healing Centre is nestled in the heart of Ireland, in North Tipperary. It is a peaceful spot, the perfect setting for connecting with nature and relaxing away from it all.

Art Exhibition

The Art & Healing Centre students in the weekly art classes regularly exhibit their work.  There is a great selection of subjects, landscapes, seascapes, horses, flowers etc.  There are paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolours.  Please visit the website for details on upcoming exhibitions.

Painting Classes & Painting Weekends

Painting classes run throughout the year. Students can paint outside in the beautiful garden during the summer months (weather permitting) or in a large studio if it rains and during the winter months.  They can work in oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels or charcoal/pencil.  They can work on the subject of their choice.  You can also book a place on a Painting Weekend.  The scenery is beautiful with a variety of subjects to paint. Please contact the Centre for information on available places.

Painting Gallery

Marie O’Sullivan’s work can be viewed in the Art and Healing Centre in Ballinaclough, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland on request.


Reiki treatments are available throughout the year by appointment. Reiki initiations take place over a weekend which are run throughout the year. Please contact the centre for information on available places.


Reflexology treatments are available throughout the year by appointment. Please contact the centre to make an appointment.

Dancing the Rainbow

Dancing the Rainbow is a powerful healing system using dance, movement, colour and aromatherapy oils.  We always start from stillness.  We then do a gentle warm-up.  We work up through the chakra system (energy centres) starting with the base chakra.  Here we are grounding and connecting to the earth with African drumming music.  It is important to have a sound foundation before we work with the other chakras.  The creative/sacral chakra is next moving and freeing up the hips.  This helps to unblock our creative skills.  Then the solar plexus, here we are working to build self esteem and to focus on the things we wish to achieve.  The heart is giving and receiving.   We work to open up our hearts.  We do a little voice work at the end to help us to speak and hear our truth.  The higher chakras are unblocking and healing while we work with the lower ones.  All this is done in a very light hearted way in a beautiful peaceful setting.  I create a safe space where we draw back criticism and judgement of ourselves and others allowing each person to be themselves.  It is freestyle dance and you only do as much or a little that feels right for you.