Your little ones deserve a treat. I we have a very special treat today. Take them to the oasis of calm that is Birdhill’s children’s park; this little woodland park is full to the brim with intriguing mysteries and exciting possibilities.

Learn about the Tuatha de Danann and the animal friends of the fairy folk. You can bring a picnic and dine in the rose garden, spy on a fairy council meeting before you head over to the wishing chair to close your eyes and think very hard about what it is you want to wish for. Find all the fairy homes; they are up high and down low and pick your favourite.

In the centre of the woodland, there is a “Nook”. A space where you can retreat to for quiet time- and still see everything that’s going on, some of the windows look right out on the Fairy council. “The Nook”, is a safe retreat for children who may be experiencing sensory overload as this is an Autism-friendly play area, an integral element of Irelands first autism-friendly village.