A satisfying route that passes the ancient site of Brian Boru’s fort, this blueway trail suits strong, guided intermediate paddlers. Encompassing lake, river and canal sections, the final stretch of this enjoyable paddle passes under 18th-century Killaloe Bridge.

Trailhead Location



Castlelough to Killaloe


Suitable for strong intermediate level paddlers with a guide. Note that most of this trail is into the prevailing wind with little shelter.


There is no provider available on this trail


12km one way


4 hour one way


You move away from the lake and towards the river by travelling left (south west), as you depart Castlelough. Follow the shore which is lined by a narrow strip of trees until the river narrows further and turns due south (7.3km). You can continue along this east bank or experienced paddlers may cross to the western bank of the river (1km wide), towards the site of what was Brian Boru’s fort. The river subsequently narrows considerably where you cross the river to the west bank, be aware of the water traffic, and find the entrance to the Killaloe Canal (11km). You travel down the Killaloe Canal where there may be a small water barrier which can be portaged on the right via a small slip. Then travel approximately 500 metres under the main bridge and then exit at the low canal bank on your left just after the public car park.

Safety Information 

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