Kilgarvan Quay is a truly special experience. When you turn into the quay you encounter a flotilla of boats of all shapes and sizes. The quay is a popular mooring for pleasure craft on the lough. Many boats are labelled wittingly making for an amusing read. An old boat house stands tall and if you walk around it, the main spectacle of Lough Derg in all its glory comes into view. A vast body of still, glass-like water stretches out as far as the eye can see. Framed by reeds and water lillies, this oasis of calm is accompanied by a melody of bird song, courtesy of the ample wild life that exists at the quay.

When the sun is going to sleep, its beauty is amplified tenfold; reflective water reproduces the clouds in a sapphire sky. The broad and beautiful body of water stretches the orange gold shades far and wide. The sunset is especially magical during the summer as boat owners and visitors alike sit in quiet appreciation as the most perfectly executed performance unfolds before them.