From the Killaloe Canal this loop passes under 18th-century Killaloe Bridge, onto the River Shannon and back again. This picturesque blueway trail is ideal for guided beginner groups and independent intermediate paddlers.

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Trailhead Location



Killaloe Loop


Suitable for a guided group of beginners and self-led intermediate paddlers in low river flow levels.


2.5km round trip


50 minute round trip


Enter the Killaloe Canal at the car park on the bridge, travel upstream (north), under the pedestrian and the road bridge and then portage around the small water barrier via the small slip, thereafter exit the canal onto the river. Turning to your right (south), select an appropriate place to cross the river towards the left bank, well in advance of the road bridge. Line up for the navigation markers and channel, left of the bridge centre and pay attention to other boat traffic in this area. Do not pass through any of the other arches on the road bridge. After the bridge, move to the right of the river, you can re-enter the canal further downstream (2km) and return upstream (north) to the start.

Safety Information 

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