We are Beekeepers from Loughrea Co Galway in the west of Ireland located on the Sliabh Aughty Mountains. We are a family run business. A proud family tradition going back four generations. The land on the mountain is natural and unspoiled with lots of lush meadows full of wild flowers and herbs, raised bog areas, covered with purple heather and bog cotton, a large proportion of the mountain is now an area of conservation. The mix of farming land and rugged mountain give us a great range of flora from the peaty and limestone soil. Typical plants are pussy willow, Elderberry, Sycamore, Dandelion, Whitethorn, Chestnut, clover, Blackberry, wild herbs and Heather.

On your visit our farm and enjoy a unique Beekeeping Experience. Suit up and see the inner working of the honey bee hive, how the bees live and work, and how our delicious honey is produced by these wonderful little creatures.

On your 2 hour tour, you will,
Crack open a hive and learn about the life of the bees.
See the pollen and larvae, and learn how it all works.
Learn how we extract and prepare the honey to be eaten.
Taste some samples of honey from a variety of different flora.
Learn the importance of bees in our ecosystem and what you can do to make a bee friendly garden.