The Lough Derg Blueway

Imagine the scene…13,000 hectares of clear water; surrounded by beautiful and dramatic countryside in three Irish counties (Clare, Tipperary, and Galway), and traversed by a series of trails, on the water and on land, that provide the opportunity for exhilarating activities and wonderful adventures.

The Lough Derg Blueway is yours to explore and enjoy. You can do it your way – by canoe, paddle board, under sail, by bicycle or by foot. The Lough Derg Blueway will excite you to the possibilities of enjoyment and new, unforgettable experiences.

Below are a series of guides (themed) and zone maps which have been produced to help you plan your next short break or holiday to the Lough Derg Blueway.

The adventure and the warm welcome awaits you!

The Lough Derg Blueway has so much to offer…kayak around our Blueway trails, slowly stride by boot or bike, experience the fine cuisine, dive into the culture or immerse yourself into nightlife around Clare, Tipperary or Galway. Below are a set of theme based guides which can help you plan your next trip to Lough Derg.
Outdoor Activities on the Lough Derg Blueway  
Lough Derg Blueway Art, Craft & Food
Heritage & Culture on the Blueway
 Festivals, Dining & Accommodation on the Blueway
The Blueways in Ireland are a set of multi activity recreational trails and sites which are closely linked with the water. The Lough Derg Blueway encompasses a series of Blueway paddling trails with many complimentary walking and cycling trails. Below are a series of activity guides which are broken into four sections: North, South, East and West. Download your preferred section below:
​Lough Derg Blueway (Northern Section): Click Here
​Lough Derg Blueway (Southern Section): Click Here
​Lough Derg Blueway (Eastern Section): Click Here
​Lough Derg Blueway (Western Section): ​Click Here