Beautiful bay views and scattered islets await on this guided-beginner/intermediate level blueway trail towards the ancient monastic settlement of Holy Island. Known for its well-preserved round tower, bring a picnic and take a break from the water with a ramble among the island’s historic ruins and beauty.

Trailhead Location



Mountshannon to Holy Island


A relatively sheltered short trail suitable for guided beginners and intermediate paddlers


There is no provider available on this trail


2.5 km one way


50 min one way


Turn right (south) and follow the lake bank, you leave Mountshannon Bay at Ryne Point (1km), and keeping inside the chain of small islands, you cross the next bay to just before the small harbour. You will have to find the channel through the reeds, alongside a small tree-lined island, to cross to Holy Island. There are a number of places to land a kayak on Holy Island including a small pier on the western side but you will need to bring wellies as it is mucky at the pier. As well as the historical buildings on the island, it is also a good place for a picnic and a short walk

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