Playgrounds are the perfect setting for creating precious childhood memories with your kids. Lough Derg has oodles of  play parks dotted around the lake sure to inspire creativity and excitement with ample areas to scramble, climb, jump and slide to their hearts content!

Killaloe Playground

Killaloe playground has swings and slides galore! Get your children’s imagination going and watch them socialise and build friendships with other visiting kiddies. They are guaranteed to be bursting with excitement – especially when they’re whizzing down the zip line! Killaloe playground is an enclosed, well equipped and secure amenity, a great day out for all involved.

Scarriff Riverside Park

This playground is situated along the walkway that extends the length of the river. Not only does it boast merry-go-rounds and monkey bars, it has outdoor gym contraptions, keeping older members of the family entertained. If that wasn’t enough, there are picnic tables dotted around the play park, so bring lunch!


Mountshannon Community Playground

This playground is nestled in the heart of the picturesque Mountshannon, a stone’s throw away from Mountshannon harbour. Children of all ages are guaranteed to be enamoured by the super fun swings, especially the spider climber. There is all kinds of fun to be had in Mountshannon!

O’Brien’s Bridge Riverside Walk

O’ Brien’s Bridge playground is sure to get your children excited with unique turrett-esque slides! Why not do the Loop walk to get those heart rates up and then let your kiddies unwind and their imaginations run wild at the playground in the lovely village of O’Briensbridge.

Ballina Playground

Right beside the lovely Lough Derg, Ballina playground is not one to be missed. The playground is spacious and modern with a range of swings, slides, bridges, tunnels and climbing units, guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained for hours! Stop off at the wooden spoon and get yourself a hug in a mug before heading down and enjoying it while breathing in the scenes of the lake.


Located in the harbour in Garrykennedy, this playground is a seriously fun spot for children of all ages! Let their imaginations run wild as they rejoice in the freedom the playground grants them to be themselves, with each slide and swing being more exciting than the last. This pretty place also has picnic and barbecue facilities, perfect for a sunny day!



Nenagh Town Park

Nenagh town park playground is a truly special place. The space was created with gentle grassed mounds, lots of planting and natural wooden play equipment. It was built by architects who felt that it would create a sense of magic to extend play across the park and not just fence it within the formal playground. This place is a real treat!


Located on the shores of Lough Derg, this recently renovated playground is jam-packed with great equipment. Watch your little ones transform into apes as they fly across the monkey bars or activate their mischievous side as they hide in delight in the little cubby holes. The playground is beside the Lake Café if you fancy coffee or some freshly baked goodness while the kids play. 

Castlelough Public Park

Castlelough playground was built to be inclusive of all ages with something to suit everyone! The playground has eighteen individual play elements to test motor and coordination skills, climbing skills, balance and hand-eye co-ordination. What a great way to let your children enjoy themselves while also developing much-needed skills. Kill two birds with the one stone and take a trip to Castlelough playground.

Borrisokane Town Park

The Borrisokane town park playground is a very spacious development with state of the art equipment. Your children will be able to play to their hearts content and then stroll down to the duck pond where you’re sure to find lots of bread-wielding children. Let your kiddies join in and watch their faces light up with joy as they connect with nature.


Located next to the harbour in Terryglass, this enclosed and spacious playground has glorious views of Lough Derg. There is a wide array of equipment for the kiddies to choose from, they won’t be dissappointed! Make sure to build in time to explore the lovely village of Terryglass, renowned for good food and friendly locals. Top tip: Visit on a Saturday and catch the farmer’s market, it is bursting with charm and there is plenty of delicious foodie bits to choose from to keep you fuelled.


Portumna Playground

The colourful Portumna playground is vibrant and inviting. There is plenty of equipment to keep kids entertained for hours and they are sure to make a few buddies as it has many interactive play areas. There are also benches for adults to relax and read a book in the comfort that their kids are in a happy and safe space.

Jubilee Park Playground – Woodford

The playground in Woodford is welcoming, a grass carpet flows beautifully around the equipment. There are benches dotted around, a great opportunity for older members of the family to catch up with other parents or do some reading. The playground is very aesthetically pleasing and soothing on the senses. Watch your little one’s faces as they climb ropes or swing towards the skies!


Your little ones deserve a treat. Take them to the oasis of calm that is Birdhill’s children’s park; this little woodland park is full to the brim with intriguing mysteries and exciting possibilities. Learn about the Tuatha de Danann and the animal friends of the fairy folk. You can bring a picnic and dine in the rose garden, spy on a fairy council meeting before you head over to the wishing chair to close your eyes and think very hard about what it is you want to wish for.

Find all the fairy homes; they are up high and down low and pick your favorite. In the center of the woodland, there is a “Nook”. A space where you can retreat to for quiet time- and still see everything that’s going on, some of the windows look right out on the Fairy council. “The Nook”, is a safe retreat for children who may be experiencing sensory overload as this is an Autism-friendly play area, an integral element of Irelands first autism-friendly village.