A rewarding blueway trail for strong intermediate groups, soak up its scenic headlands, tranquil inlets and bayside beauty as you paddle from Rossmore Pier into Coos Bay and finish up at Illaunboe Quay.

Trailhead Location

Rossmore Pier


Rossmore Pier to Illaunboe Quay (Coos Bay)


Suitable for intermediate groups with good levels of fitness and capable of self rescue.


There is no provider available on this trail


6.3 km


2 hr 10 min


Keeping the lake bank on your right-hand side, you travel south across the small inlet and then to the headland (600 metres). You pass another headland and then an island (3km), where you turn west into Coos Bay. You can pass through a reed bank channel on the inside of this island but it can be difficult to find. The bank from here on can be difficult to land on, due to the reeds. Illaunboe Quay (GPS: 52.992583, -8.354944), a community-managed slipway and parking area, is directly across Coos Bay from this island

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