Best suited to intermediate/experienced paddlers with reasonable fitness, this idyllic route is the longest of the blueway trails. Enjoy bankside scenery, forested headlands and vantage points over harbours and bays (Tinarana, Carrowgar and Scariff) on this tranquil trail.

Trailhead Location

Twomilegate (Ballycuggaran)


Twomilegate (Ballycuggaran) to Scariff via Ballynagleragh


This is the longest trail and is only suitable for intermediate to experienced paddlers with reasonable levels of fitness. The wind effect on the water may not be visible until you round the headland into Scariff Bay, you should allow for a shorter journey to Ballynagleragh in the event of poor weather or tiredness.


There is no provider available on this trail


17.3km one way


4 hours one way


Turning left (north), as you depart Twomilegate, you pass the University of Limerick Activity Centre, and keeping close to the lakeshore you pass the Annacarriga holiday resort and marina (1.4 km). The bank begins to veer north east at Tinarana Bay (3.5km), passing some large private houses and then turning more northerly at Carrowgar Bay. There is a small private harbour, farmland and then forest, as you continue towards Aughinish Point. The lake shore turns west into large Scariff Bay and there is a grassy egress bank at Ballynagleragh, just after the forested headland. There is a long island causeway at 12.4km and then the mouth of the River Scariff is in the far west of the bay. Travel up the Scariff river, passing Reddan’s Pier at Tuamgraney and then turn left into Scariff Harbour.

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