From pictorial bays to a sprinkling of tiny islands and even a small hidden freshwater lake (Lough Alewnaghta), strong intermediate paddlers will love this blueway trail’s many charms. Winding from idyllic Williamstown Harbour to Illaunboe Quay, this 8.57km (one-way) route can be windy in places but is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Trailhead Location



Williamstown to Illaunboe Quay


Exposed to wind in places and close to the navigation channel, suitable for intermediate paddlers capable of self-rescue.


There is no provider available on this trail


8.75 km one way


3 hr one way


Turning left (north) as you leave Williamstown Harbour, you pass private marinas and the public shore road (1km). There are a number of small bays to explore, look out for the two busts on the navigation markers near to the big island ‘Illaunmore’ (3km). There are a number of small islands and then you cross two and then a third small bay. This section has few areas to land on. After the farmland you enter another area of reeds, look carefully here for a narrow channel (7.3km), nearly a kilometre long which brings you to an interior small hidden lake, Lough Alewnaghta. Otherwise follow the bank north and you will see a short reed channel to a slipway and the car park at Illaunboe Quay 

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