If you’re a fan of woodland and nature trails, you’ll find plenty of great options near Woodford village, with not just one or two, but three nature reserves in the vicinity.

Derrycrag Wood, Rosturra Wood and Pollnaknockaun Wood are the remants of the extensive natural oak woodlands which once dominated the area before they were felled. They are now protected areas, recognised for their importance and biodiversity.

Both young and old will enjoy hitting the trails and exploring below the canopy. Lost in the carpet of moss and ferns, it doesn’t take much to conjure up images of fairies and elves in these enchanted woods. They’re in good company too, with red squirrels, foxes, badgers, deer and other animals and birds sharing their habitat.

A little further afield there are great hiking opportunities throughout the Slieve Aughty mountains, with many offering wonderful views over the surroundings. After your adventures, enjoy a hot meal back in Woodford or even a picnic by the bay, if the weather is on your side.

The East Galway Family History Society, located in the village has been actively involved in family history research and heritage activities for over 30 years. They have mapped and documented historical ruins, published books and other materials, and facilitated family gatherings, seminars, and lectures. The Centre offers local history publications for sale.